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柔道治世 Softness governs the world.

如鳥數飛 Like birds flap frequently to fly to the sky, wee becomes professionals through ceaseless research.


We deliver good light to the world.

GA (God’s army) delivers "Good light", loves human and nature, practices value creation management for customer, and thus sets as a motto the respectable company in the society.


Transparent management and sharing practice for happiness of everybody. Happy company recognized by the society.

Action value

1Personality : GA develops the mind considerate of other people

2Manner : We impress everybody with respect and kindness toward other people.

3Honesty : We appoint honest people for strong corporate culture.

4Sincerity : Sincere people are worthy of success.

5Service : True service warmly realizes true love.

지에이는 최상의 제품을 공급합니다

Green technology certifications for all products
KS certifications acquired for all products
Supply of products with eco-labelling certification
High efficiency certification acquired for each product
조달 우수제품 공급
Supply of Excellent Procurement Products
Maximized energy saving with illumination control system using PLC communication
Completion of product development against light pollution prevention act

Business competencies of GA Co., Ltd.

  • 2009

    Installation of LED street light at 11 km, first at home and abroad. Supplied and installed currently at 120 autonomous bodies.

  • 2010

    Green Business Certification No. 1 in the country | Green Technology Certification | Green Company Certification

  • 2011

    Establishment of Corporate R&D Center [No. 2011110077], Appointed as INNO-BIZ (Innovation-driven Business), Promising Small & Medium Export Enterprise,
    Promising Small & Medium Enterprise in Kangwon-do

  • 2012

    Awarded "The Prize of Seoul Good Light" from Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    We have registered as Energy Saving Business, supporting Energy Saving Project for Public Organizations, being recognized in the LED road lighting area.

  • 2013

    Development of PLC-based integrated control system and Lens for Light pollution prevention LED light

  • 2014

    Registration for Electric Works Business

  • 2015

    Manufactured and supplied photovoltaic power generating devices