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Prevention of light pollution

Bug control LED light equipped with optical directional reflecting blocks for local roads
Light distribution conceptual drawing by road type

- Patent registration : No. 10-1209903
- Name : Bug control LED light equipped with optical directional reflecting blocks to prevent light pollution

This invention uses optical reflecting members where eccentric reflecting blocks and/or symmetric reflecting blocks with composition of this invention are properly arranged to diverse types of local roads like narrow residential roads with width shorter than 10 meters, T or L shaped roads, dead end alleys; effectively prevents light pollution irradiated from neighboring residential areas; effectively resolves the problem that illumination becomes low at bent roads or the end of dead end alleys; also has an effect to reduce the number of street light by using LED street lights of this invention even though local roads are connected diversely in T/L/I shapes.

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is a phenomenon that unnecessary or more than necessary artificial light damages human body or natural environment. As industry develops, the damage on human bodies or living things is called pollution. Excessive use of light can also be called pollution.

Effects of light pollution on the environment
01_ Effects on human body :
Melatonin production inhibition causes biorhythm change, insomnia, fatigue, stress, and anxiety, also increasing cancer incidence rates.
02_ Ecological damage :
Decline of plant reproduction rate, decline of fertility rate of amphibians and mammals, birds' moving from habitats, and other disturbance of ecosystem
03_ Obstruction of astronomical observation :
Brighter night sky makes astronomical observation more difficult. 2/3 of global population cannot see stars in the night sky.
04_ Energy waste and safety issue :
Excessive lighting causes energy waste (about 1 bil. US Dollars in USA), obstructs views of cars, vessels, and air planes, and possible accidents.
Lighting equipment in consideration of environment

For pleasant and comfortable night for residents / For normal growth of wild animals and plants / To meet a bright starry night sky / Capable of throwing a light on the section necessary for safe, reasonable energy use / without unpleasant dazzling / with less light upward / with high energy saving effect

Awarded the prize of Good Light in the manufacturing area in the first contest held by the Seoul Metropolitan City

In the first contest for "The prize of Good Light from the Seoul Metropolitan City" hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan City, GA Co., Ltd. was awarded the prize in the manufacturing area.
We will always make efforts for our children to see star light in the night sky and good light. We deliver good light to the world.

We deliver good light which helps save energy.

PLC dimming control system

Energy saving LED street light illumination control system using Power Line Communication

The invention refers to LED street light illumination control system: in more detail, Energy saving LED street light illumination control system using power line communication efficiently controlling on/off and illumination of LED street light

Total conceptual diagram of LED light integrated control system
(Patent registration no. : 10-1209875)--
What is Smart Energy Management PLC Dimming Control System?

Power line communication (PLC) is a communication method to send and receive data using an electric line distributed for power supply. GA C., Ltd. accomplished energy saving more efficient than the exiting LED light by applying dimming control system using a PLC and controlling illumination as much as necessary at the desired time. Installation case for Wooyuichon walking trail in Gangbuk-gu, Seoul shows the necessity of PLC dimming control system for energy saving.

LED lights were replaced to care about citizens. Ecosystem conservation/ Planting effect of 4,481 trees with over 84% reduction of energy, brighter light by two times, and reduction of carbon dioxide 53 ton/ Positioning as a benchmarking model case for other cities and provinces